Friday, July 07, 2006

Two of my favorite things!

Those of you who are not familiar with WWE may have to skip this post.

With the rumors of perennial Women's wrestling superstar Trish Stratus taking a sabbatical to walk down the aisle, it would be the perfect time for the company to push the most athletic woman on the roster: Victoria.

She was introduced as a main character when she stalked Trish Stratus with Stevie Richards in tow. She impressed the fans with her mean streak and incredible move set (the Widow's Peak is one of the most impressive women's finishing moves in quite some time).

During her face turn, her trademark theme music (T.a.t.u.'s "All The Things She Said") was discarded for some cheesy techno music. She also started smiling excessively, dancing during her entrance, and shaking her backside during matches (I honestly didn't mind the buttshaking, but still). Her mojo was soon lost, and she ended up on Heat. After a brief resurgence courtesy of an all-too-abbreviated feud with Christy Hemme (Hemme was booed at Vengeance 2005, even though Victoria was the heel), Victoria was banished back down the card, being totally absent at Wrestlemania 22.

Now that TNA is grooming their own dominate Women's wrestler, Jamie D., Victoria's time, to paraphrase the theme song of another performer, is now!

Memo to WWE--PUSH VICTORIA! (official site) (the website for the pizzeria Victoria owns)
(fan site)

Soundtrack-T.a.t.u.'s "All The Things She Said"


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