Thursday, July 27, 2006

Addendum to "Clerks II" post (SPOILER included)

It just occured to me that no matter how skillful Kevin Smith's handling of the "Porch Monkey" debate was, there will still be many white frat boy/impressionable types walking around with "Porch Monkey 4 Life" taped, stitched, or written on their clothing, as Randal defiantly does during the rest of the film.

Whether that was the intended result or not, Daddy doesn't like it, not one bit.

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Blogger The Humanity Critic said...

I feel you on this one. As a black guy who loves Kevin Smiths movies, I wasn't offended by the joke at all. But you are right, all the frat-boy types are taking it to an ugly level. Just go to Kevin Smith's myspace page and see the people who comment there, changing their names to "Porch Monkey 4 Life" and whatnot. There was actually a myspace member that not only called himself that, but he had a picture of a blackface character as his signature pic.

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