Sunday, July 16, 2006

She's won me over (Wrestling Post).

I'll admit it. I was one of those fans who cheered Victoria during her program versus Christy Hemme. Hemme did come across as someone who made her way into the company by winning an American Idol rip-off subshow where no real talent was needed (WWE's $250,000 Diva Search), so fighting her was an easy way to get over with the fans, even though the company was obvious trying to make the crowd dislike Victoria.

However, Christy's infectious energy and enthusiasm for the wrestling industry endured her to the fans. She eventually became the only true bright spot in the otherwise crassly commercial Legion of Doom revival. (She even executed the Doomsday Device, the L.O.D.'s signature finisher, at a Pay-Per-View.)

Fans were understandably shocked when the WWE announced her release from the company. Even though it could have been viewed as a transparent attempt to avoid paying on her contract, it still surprised many that someone who was so willingly commented to being an asset for the company would get so unceremoniously dumped.

The surprise turned to elation when Hemme made her first appearance on a Total Nonstop Action Pay-Per-View. Since then, TNA has used her to announce the teasers leading to commercial breaks on the "TNA Impact!" program, and she is a focal point of both the company's "Global Impact" program and the introduction of the TNA "Knockouts", TNA's version of WWE's "Divas."

Anyone who can make WWE regret their mistake is alright by me.


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