Sunday, July 16, 2006

Superintendent Ousted by Board (A POLITICAL POST)

This post is political in nature. If that is not your thing, you will want to skip this post.

Still here? Good.

The Board of the St. Louis Public Schools basically broadcasted the fact that they do not care about the education their students receive by ousting Superintendent Dr. Greg Williams (pictured left).

Although I took issue with some of his policies (due to the negative effects I felt that they would have on the morale of the good teachers), the man truly came across as someone who cared for our children and was taking strides toward a beter future for the district. He enacted an initiative that exposed students to campus life via the campus of the University of Missouri-St. Louis and made summer school mandatory for all 8th graders. (Due to the turmoil that our district is in, all of last year's 8th graders were allowed admittance into high school, regardless of their academic competency.)

The problem with these iniatives is that they may have actually helped our children, and we can't have that (sarcasm). Sure, publically voicing his displeasure with the Board's firing of Vashon High School Basketball Coach Floyd Irons may not have been the smartest idea, and the removal of two members of the Board who voted to bring Williams into the position did not bode well for Williams's future. The fact remains that, after fifteen months on the job, a man that the Board searched nationwide to obtain has been ousted (they will have to buy out his contract) , and has been replaced by Diana Bourisaw, a person best known for being dispatched from her last position.

Click here to read more about this shameful chapter in this city's history.


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