Tuesday, August 22, 2006

July 19-July 23, 2006 (Introspective Post)

I 'm very late in posting on this subject, but I would be remiss if I did not comment upon it.

A month ago, St. Louis was rocked by a storm the power of which has never been felt in North County (my neck of the woods).

Although my family was left fairly unscathed by the two storms, despite not having power for four days, the experience left a lasting effect on me. The site of every business being abandoned and dark; the paper and cardboard makeshift signs reading "No Ice" posted at convenience stores when they finally opened; the late-70's era congestion in gas station parking lots, leading to half-hour excursions that began once you REACHED the gas station; the power of big business that was clearly displayed by the fact that the Quik Trip near my house (the center of commerce at the biggest intersection near my home) was only out of business one day, while many residents in the surrounding area remained in the dark for days, after all, the profits for the chain presumably rise exponentially during power outages.

The deepst revelation for me was a deeply personal one, although it may resonate with others: I came to realize how dependent I am on electricity (my DVD player, and, of course, the internet) for amusement. By day four, I was jumping out of my skin. I thought about the illusion of interaction that these devices provide me, and I worried about what my need for this illusion said about me.

I still haven't found an answer.


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