Sunday, October 08, 2006


Being around you is getting harder and harder, being as though I can't have you. Your curves, your spectacles, and your down-to-earth manner make me want you even more. I want to feel your long raven-colered hair drape over me, caressing me in sweeping waves. I want to kiss you so deeply that afterwards the laughter of astonishment is our only communication. I want to nurture at your chest, receiving natural revitalization of many kinds. I want to drink from your well until it shakes from gratification. I want to taste the dark euphoria between your cheeks until I am overwhelmed by the quality of the feast. I want to convulse in extasy as you bathe my scrotum in saliva, causing me to decorate your visage with a creamy decor. I want to collapse in your arms and spend the night as one with you.


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