Friday, November 24, 2006

A Dark Soul Revealed
(A Political Post)

America was not prepared for what happened last Friday Night. Someone who was part of a show that is so revered by so many revealed his dark soul. You could watch the clip (Thank you, TMZ!) with the sound muted and no subtitles and still feel the venom spewing forth. What is on display is not professional frustration; it is long-simmering hatred finally being vented. ("That's what happens when you interrupt the white man"?)

Also, with regard to the heckler's use of the term "cracker" towards Richards, the history of institutionalized hate, violence, and psychological control evoked when a white person uses the word "nigger" towards a black person (in a clearly negative context) far outweighs any discomfort that a white person could feel when a black person calls them a "cracker". (I'm not saying that the latter instance is acceptable, but I'm saying that the two instances are not remotely comparable. Besides, the men only used the word in response to what they were called).

Michael Richards should not be trying to salvage his career; He should be trying to salvage himself.


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